About CatalystX

Catalyst IT made its premier as an on-site IT Consulting company in 1999.

In 2002, the company was based in the Washington, DC area and moved more heavily into Internet Services.

In 2003, Internet Applications Development and Hosting Services were moved to a separate organizational structure under CatalystX. This change more than doubled our market, allowing Catalyst IT to offer our expertise to ASP’s, ISP’s and IHV’s.

Together with local IT talents who bring us a client base more than thirty years strong, CatalystX provides cutting-edge solutions to a multitude of local businesses involved in Entertainment, Retail, Service, Medical, EMS, Insurance and Legal fields.

Customer Satisfaction
At CatalystX, it’s not just Customer Service.  We realize that Complete Customer Satisfaction is key to our success.  We commit ourselves to solving problems as quickly as possible and making certain that our clients are 100% satisfied with all resolutions.

That is our responsibility, and we expect no less.  Each issue is given our full attention as we stay focused on keeping our clients’ needs.  We enjoy long-standing relationships with established clients, and look forward to providing the same level of service to our ever-expading customer base.